International School Or Local School For My Child?

SEN students , International School

SEN students in Local Primary School

What Other Available Options Are There Besides School?

Options for SEN Students ( e.g. OT,S.T, P.T, private training)

I- placements, O-placements

E-placements, S-placements

Information On Special Education Needs (SEN)

What is Autism? – Repetitive Behaviors

What is Autism? – Challenges in Verbal Communication

What Can I do If I Suspect My Child Has Developmental Delays

Creative Ways To Play With Your Child

Different Ways in Playing Playdoh

Different Ways to Play with Balloon

Different Ways to Play with Toy Cars

Different Ways to Play with Water Gun 

Fun Ways To Teach Foundational Skills To Your Child

Communication skills

Gross Motor skills 

Fine Motor Skills 

Expressive Labels 

Receptive Labels

Verbal Imitation

Building Schedule  

Managing Your Child’s Inappropriate Behaviors

Stopping Repetitive Behaviors

Putting on a Mask   


Chinese New Year 2021  

Ice Experiment 

Exploring Static Electricity

Skittle Rainbow

Parents’ Sharing

Arran’s Story

Ralphy’s Story