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Our Therapists

The quality of our therapists at Bridge Academy is of paramount importance as they work one on one with our students on a daily basis and communicate directly to parents concerning our students' progress. Extensive staff training and support from Board Certified Behaviour Analysts and our Program Supervisor is provided prior to the therapists working directly with our students. Significant emphasis is also placed on the evaluation and education of our staff on a continuous basis. Each therapist undergoes intensive training regarding concepts and principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, conducting in-tact learn units in order to create an effective and fun learning environment for our students to reach their maximum potential, and graphing for visual analysis of students' progress.


Training and support at Bridge Academy are offered across different areas, they include but are not limited to the following sample list: 

Concepts and principles of Applied Behavior Analysis
Hands on experience and practice with students within a one-on-one setting
Specific behaviour management tactics described in students' Behaviour Intervention Plans Understanding of basic concepts of Skinner's Verbal Behavior
Ethical considerations and professional standards when working within a school setting
Role-play and observations of interactions between therapists and students

Team meetings with our Program Supervisor are scheduled every 2 weeks to evaluate and update each student's program. Our therapists take part in weekly career and professional development training, which includes the discussion and applications of various techniques based upon Applied Behavior Analysis, video review of therapists' working with our students, the analysis of possible functions of students' inappropriate behaviours and possible appropriate consequences in reducing behaviours.