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Programme & Assessment

Bridge Academy offers a holistic programme and assessment to monitor the progress of the key developmental areas in children including: cognitive function, fine motor, gross motor, sensory integration, self-help skills, expressive and receptive language, and social relationships.  Our programmes are based on well-resourced and level appropriate teaching strategies.

Our professional staff offers compassionate and individualized expert therapy based on ABA programmes and Chan-based mind-body exercises for holistic well-being to SEN children with suspected delays or diagnosed issues. 

We use a wide array of teaching aids including: Edmark Reading Programme, AAC (Augmentative Alternative Communication), PECS (Pictures Exchange Communication System) and a variety of visual tools to cater to different developmental needs.

Pre-School Programme

Bridge Academy has designed its Pre-School Programme to develop the diverse talents of children up to 6 years old.  It is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) of the British National Curriculum

EYFS emphasizes on 6 key areas of learning:

- Personal, Social & Emotional Development
- Communication, Language & Literacy
- Problem Solving, Reasoning & Numeracy
- Knowledge & Understanding of the World
- Physical Development
- Creative Development

Our comprehensive approach ensures every aspect of development is nurtured.  It focuses on early literacy and positive character traits, such as cooperation and self-control, allowing students to develop the intellectual curiosity that creates good citizens and fuels success in the classroom and beyond.

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Intensive 1-to-1 Programme

Our Intensive 1-to-1 Programme is a specialized approach to education and behaviour management.  Upon admission, every child is assessed to determine the level at which the child is functioning.  Thereafter, an Individualized Education Programme is generated by our Programme Supervisor (Board Certified Behaviour Analyst) and implemented based on the necessary academic, social and play skills.  The intensity of the programme ensures every child receives optimal training during the most critical age of development. 

Partnership Programme

While the programme focuses on academic development, children establish the ability to interact with others to build their social relationships inside a small group classroom (1 teacher : 4 students).  In addition, they receive a total of 5 hours of 1-to-1 training per week to strengthen the foundation in all areas of development.

Group Programme

The Group Programme is the final stage before a child integrates into a mainstream classroom.  It is specifically designed to provide a comprehensive environment for students to consolidate the skills they will need to succeed.  The programme is based on the British National Curriculum, allowing children to integrate independently into other mainstream schools in Hong Kong.