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Parents' Perspective and Involvement

Parents caring for an SEN child are often faced with a myriad of education decisions, evaluating everything from therapy methods, special needs schools to transitioning into mainstream school setting.  We support parents by helping them navigate the complex labyrinth of education options.  

We also believe parents involvement play a critical role in child development. Parents are the key people who help in generalizing the Bridge Academy programmes with their children at home.  We maintain daily communication with parents and offer an open-door policy allowing parents to observe. 


we LOVE and we CARE

When we registered our baby boy in Bridge, we were expecting a good therapy.  But we got far more than that: he received in Bridge love and care besides an extensive therapy.  It has been an incredible relief after months of stress.  Thank you Bridge team for the love and incredible progress Adrien has done during his stay in Bridge Academy.  Wendy, Angie and Hilda especially thanks a lot for the care you provided to Adrien.  We will miss you  -- Elias and Aura Hamed