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BA Programme
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Our Services

Bridge Academy provides a wide range of individual and group academic and therapeutic programmes, helping students to achieve all-round development in speech and language, physical, intellectual and social aspects.  We also offer services for parents and caregivers, ensuring children receive appropriate home-based training and care.  

Our programmes are run by highly qualified therapists and certified teachers who have received professional training in areas associated with special education, early childhood education and psychology.  Our team includes applied behaviour analysts, an educational psychologist, a pediatrician, a Chinese medicine practitioner, Special Educational Needs (SEN) teachers, and a speech therapist.  

What We Offer

Pre-School Programme
Individual Programme
Group Programme
Social Skills Training
Parental Support and Training
School Visitation and Referral
Assessment Services (Psycho-educational, Speech and Psychiatric)
Therapy Services (Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and Speech Therapy)