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請按此報名 Please register here
報名截止日期 Registration Deadline: 15/04/2018

Q: 參加左之後要做咩架?
A: 將自閉症的知識推廣給至少5位朋友
Q: 點解接力跑目標係6800公里?
A: 因為有6800名香港學童確診自閉症,而每68名小朋友便有一名患上自閉症

Q: What is my role after joining the charity run?
A: To transfer knowledge about ASD to a minimum of 5 people.
Q: Why is the aim of the charity run 6800km?
A: There are 6800 HK students diagnosed with ASD. And 1 in 68 children has been diagnosed with ASD.

1. 於15/4/2018前報名
2. 聚集最少5名捐款者,每名捐出$168或以上的金額(總共$840)
3. 穿上活動T-shirt跑不少於680米
4. 把你的跑步紀錄截圖下來
5. 穿上活動T-shirt並自拍一張
6. 於 23/4/2018 前把自拍照及跑步紀錄上傳至 Facebook/Instagram 加上 #陪著你跑2018 #BridgeFoundation2018
7. 於 23/4/2018 前把自拍照、跑步紀錄、捐款表格及銀行單據電郵至或WhatApp至+852 9335 3605
8. 禮物可在28-29/4/2018於香港01社區墟市領取,亦可在30/4至15/5/2018於貝智基金辦公室領取

Requirement to gain prize:
1. Register on or before 15th Apr 2018
2. Gather 5 donors, each donate $168 (total $840)
3. Run a minimum of 680m wearing our T-shirt
4. Screenshot your running record
5. Take a selfie of you or your family wearing our T-shirt
6. Post selfie and running record on Facebook/Instagram with #URunwithI2018 / #BridgeFoundation2018 on or before 23 Apr 2018
7. Return selfie, running record, donation form and receipt of bank in donation before 23 Apr 2018
8. Gifts can be collected at 《 HK01 》 Street Market on 28 or 29 April 2018 or at Bridge Foundation from 19 Apr – 15 May 2018

1. Chocolate Rain 圖案活動 T-Shirt 一件
2. Chocolate Rain 個人化行李牌一個

3. 個人化金牌一枚(刻上名字)

1. 感謝狀一張
2. 捐款收據(可作退稅用途)

Runner’s Prize:
1. Event T-shirt with Chocolate Rain icon
2. Chocolate Rain luggage Tag with personalized name printed
3. A gold medal with name printed

Donor’s Prize:
1. A Thank You Certificate with Donor’s name
2. Tax Refund receipt of donation

Top 68 Fund Raisers’ Prize:
Surprise Chocolate Rain Product

由四月一日開始可 在此 下載填色圖案
將選出五幅優秀作品放上Facebook,獲得最多讚好的頭三名參加者可獲得 Chocolate Rain系列獎品一份

Starting from 1st April, our event logo can be downloaded from here , for children to participate in our colouring competition.
Deadline of downloading: 29th April
Ways of submission: Please submit to 《 HK01 》 Street Market on 28 or 29 April 2018 or to Bridge Foundation office from before 15 May 2018
The top 5 pieces will be chosen and posted to Facebook. The top 3 masterpieces with most likes will receive a prize from Chocolate Rain.

日期Event Date: 28/04及29/04/2018
時間Time: 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.
地點Venue: 觀塘海濱公園 VESSEL Kwun Tong Promenade






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